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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of the Game “Boxed In”

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Must…get…out…of…the…ROOM! For an addictive addition to the iPhone look no further than the “Boxed In” App. This application is free on the iPhone, is one of the simplest 2-D games available, and it is one of the most fun.

Based around the ancient computer game Sokoban, which was allegedly written in Sanskrit, this newer puzzle places a small robot in a room full of boxes, locked doors and cogs. The game is quite simple: in order to beat a level the player must collect all of the cogs and move boxes to open paths and the locked doors, so that the robot can escape the room.

The catch in this game is that the boxes can only be pushed, not pulled, and if the boxes touch two of their sides they can no longer be moved. Strategy must be employed to open locked doors, clear paths and not get stuck behind immovable boxes.

Above all in this App is the avoidance of being “Boxed In,” but for those who fret on making critical mistakes there are two cheat buttons, which will allow a player to take back a move (try that in chess, now), or restart a level. Even with the cheats, however, the “Boxed In” game winds up being extremely difficult to defeat…that is, if it can be defeated…

Grade: A

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