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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Chess” Victory

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The “Chess” App from Optime Software is an outstanding investment for the iPhone. There is a free version of this application, but it times out after a short while, which is quite inhibitive considering chess can be a timely match.

For $1.99 the premium version of “Chess” is available, and it is worth every dime. The timeless classic is brought to the iPhone screen looking 3-D, and acting instantaneously in its devastating moves against the player opposing the computer.

The artificial intelligence in the game is phenomenal, and there are many different levels with which one can get their butt kicked! The “Chess” game should not be a push over, but the difficulty level seems a little ridiculous; try the half way level to start, it is pretty tough.

Play timed matches, or not, play one player games against the AI, or two player games, as the white, or black pieces of the ingenious evolution of “Chess.” In the two-player game the board rotates for Player 2’s convenience. Whenever a phone call, or text interrupts the game, it automatically saves itself, just as it does when you quickly click out of the App, as a professor looms near.

Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

One thought on “IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Chess” Victory

  1. Better yet, check out tChess (Lite or Pro), Shredder, Deep Green, Glaurung (totally free), or Mastersoft Chess–all of which are better chess apps.

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