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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Battery Magic” iPhone Application

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Quick, where is a witch doctor? Help! My iPhone is dead! The deceased corpse will weigh down a fiber pocket until a USB charger is found, or until a blowfish potion designed to raise the undead can be concocted.

Avoid the dead iPhone scenario: download the free “Battery Magic” App. Once an Apple user relies heavily on the 3G Network to utilize the Internet, the 3-D Ms. PAC-MAN game and the amazing YouTube video capabilities to survive on campus, the office and anywhere else, the battery life of the near-nuclear device will come into question.

While traversing the cityscapes on the subway, bus, or any mode of transportation that might otherwise drain a person’s valuable time, like a boring vampire, the iPhone provides the necessary tools to slay the parasitic manifestation of Halloween. Getting a couple of dozens of levels deep into Ms. PAC-MAN, however, can adversely affect the device’s battery power, threatening to drain an urban crawler’s iPhone/or stake.

Welcome the “Battery Magic” application. The overall battery level immediately comes into view and scrolling down there is shown the amount of time left before the battery will die, in order of what activity will drain the iPhone the most. First is “3D Game Play,” followed by “Game Play,” “Talk Time,” “3G Internet,” “Recharge Time,” “Wi-Fi Internet” time, “Video Playback,” “Audio Playback” for the iPod within and “Standby Time.”

The free version of “Battery Magic” shows you everything you need to know, and the “Battery Magic Pro” version is available at $1.99 to include a beeping noise to warn against a dying battery. One of the two is a must have for the iPhone!

Grade: A

iPhone "Battery Magic"
RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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