Yes We Camera App Makes Political Posters Out of Photos

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Ever remember back and think that the Obama-style campaign posters looked really wild? Ever want to make a statement with a photo?

Okay, without getting political, those were some effective advertisements, and also made for great eye candy. The “Yes We Camera” application allows for any iPhone wielder to either snap a photo or take a picture from memory and turn it into a stunning “HOPE,” “CHANGE,” or just plain coolly colored poster!

The “Yes We Camera” App is free for the iPhone. It is a bare-bones application that is extremely simple to use and efficient. Thumb up the App and press on the camera at the bottom of the touchscreen to take a picture, or press on the folders symbol to queue up an ideal photo for transformation.

The stark effects of blue, red and white coloring takes hold of any pic and blurs and swirls up a dramatic shot instantly. The “Yes We Camera” App even provides advice for using the effects before downloading the free application from the App Store.

The right image held to a banner of “HOPE” can be surprisingly beautiful and powerful. With that in mind I acted accordingly and set out to work. Thinking that my dog Lucy has what it takes to run for office in New York, I’ve posterized her using the “Yes We Camera” App in order to start up a proper puppy campaign. “Hope” Lucy!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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