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SugarSync App Shares Near Limitless Data Between iPad, iPhone and Friends

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Ever wanted to access all of the important files, pictures, business folders and even music from any computer, iPhone, iPod Touch and the newly released iPad?

If the answer is yes then the “SugarSync” application is a must download on the iPad, iPhone, MacBook and desktop. A user can even stream their entire music library over the Internet or on their iPad without using any valuable storage space on its hard drive.

For those in writing, business or the ever-cautious person the “SugarSync” service backs up anything that the user desires and syncs and encrypts the data. This means that an entire 250 GB hard drive can be saved and then synced to be accessible from one’s iPhone and iPad when on an arduous business trip to Manhattan.

“SugarSync” basically takes one’s uploaded files and gives the user their own source of encrypted and synced data on the Internet, and the user is then free to do what they want with them, which includes accessing everything at any computing device in any location in the world.

Any file can be given a URL to be accessed by anyone with the address via the Internet and the user can place passwords on this to limit which friend gets to see the construction plans or listen to the White Stripes catalogue. For partners on any digital or types project the “SugarSync” applications not only give access to anyone from any computer or smart device, as the “SugarSync” Apps sync across all PC and Mac platforms, and there is also a collaboration feature that logs the changes made by persons given access to certain data for projects.

The “SugarSync” Apps are free, but the service itself is not, though it is undoubtedly worth it for a number of people. Take a brand spanking new iPad and stream an iTunes music, ebook and movie collection, or instantly send any of the MacBook Pro’s photos to Facebook or Twitter!

The Individual plans: the 30GB cost is $4.99/Month and $49.99/Year; the 60GB version is $9.99/Month and $99.99/Year; the 100GB plan is $14.99/Month and $149.99/Year; the 250GB price is $24.99/Month and $249.99/Year; there is also a free 2GB plan where one can gain more space by referring friends.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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One thought on “SugarSync App Shares Near Limitless Data Between iPad, iPhone and Friends

  1. interesting…but I think iTunes is going to be joined with LaLa and we will have that for our iTunes content and hopefully it will be included in MobileMe

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