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Philosoraptor App is a Dino Guru for the iPhone

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“If rhino horn is an aphrodisiac, how come rhinos are nearly extinct?”

“If a cow laughed, would milk come out of its nose?”

These are just two insights posted by the famous Philosoraptor. Take the infamous star of the “Jurassic Park” movie trilogy and provide her with the microphone as the “Philosoraptor” App for the iPhone does, and then let the knowledge bite your funny bone!

The “Philosoraptor” application is a freely downloadable valued soapbox for Philosoraptor as she solves the queries of the curious, the mysteries of life, the unknown secrets of the gargantuan universe, the food for the famished minds, the real to the real world and the satiric to the sober points of view.

“Someone who thinks logically, is a nice contrast to the real world,” says the brilliant Philosoraptor. Do not be surprised if her unbridled genius spawns a worldwide religion founded on her philosophical views akin to Buddhism following after the life and teachings of the Buddha.

In a recent interview with her Highness it was revealed that she is indeed American; here was the quote that gave it away: “Work fascinates me, I could sit and watch it for hours.”

Clearly this App, and its incredulous teachings, quips, poetry and arts, is a must have! The world would be a better place if everyone downloaded this and acquired the Philosoraptor’s words.

“If we discovered a civilization that did not know about war and hate, would we attack them because they were not expecting it?” Would we indeed, Philosoraptor?

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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