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The official “Twitter” application is here for the iPhone, and it is beautiful!

Finally the horribly inaccurate and, at their best, relatively close in function knock-off Twitter Apps can be discarded! The “Twitter” App is free for the iPhone and comes directly from the folks over at Twitter, and it shows!

The look and feel is that of the legendary website with a touchscreen Apple twist to it. Simply drag a finger down on the “Twitter” App’s screen and the tweets are updated, making for a fun touchscreen pulling and result. Twitter has taken socialization via the Internet by storm since its inception and the amazing text message type interactions create quick and easy ways to provide information, bad humor (at least in my case), links and friendliness.

Good as some of the free Twitter Apps have been lately, none of them have reproduced the awesome interface of the Twitter website, but the officials at the official site have donned it to an official tee. All of the Tweeters’ pictures appear alongside their tweets, just like on the site, and the list forms a picturesque iPhone experience.

The search function in the “Twitter” App is in real-time, and there are great sound effects that come when new Tweets emerge after a refreshing. At the bottom of the screen are the tweets and retweets buttons, the inbox button, the more stuff button and the search button. Exploring the more option shows the My Profile, Favorites, Drafts and the Account & Settings spot so that all of Twitter’s tools are present in the App! This is a must have!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A+

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