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Holy alQuran App

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Scholars and theologians unite, raise the iPhone, and bring the Quran to the palm of one’s hand! The “alQuran” application is free in the App Store and provides the holy Islamic texts in a beautiful and mobile format.

The “alQuran” App brings over a hundred different translations, verse by verse, so that the religious or the scholarly can study the holy Quran easily and effectively. The “alQuran” application has a great search feature, provides recitations, an easy to thumb through touchscreen design and a great book style reading experience.

The Arabic letters are shown above the English translations here and, if you are looking for authenticity, the “AlQuran” App even reads, in order, from right to left, as the book was originally read! “All praise belongs to God, Lord of the Universe,” and the descriptive and moving parables can be bookmarked for quick access in referencing particulars.

For Quran purists there are myriad translations and versions of the book in the “alQuran” App, including Arabic-Al-Mizan, Chinese, English-Daryabadi, English-Mohammad Ali (I’m not sure if this came before Cassius Clay dominated the boxing ring or after), German-AbuRida, Malay, Thai, Turkish-Ali-Mihr and even Uzbek-Sodikov. Passages can be emailed to friends or fellow classmates easily and there are many adjustments for font and display so to be pleasing to the inquisitive eye.

Even for the casual appreciator the “alQuran” App provides visually gorgeous words, and their translations, in a well-crafted reading mechanism. Enjoy the readings on the iPhone!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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