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30 Days of iPhone – Day One

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So, After the initial shenanigans surrounding my iPhone, I was ready to get down to just using the thing, and the first day, I was really surprised how often I did actually use it…and I don’t mean just playing with it because it was new. I mean it was remarkably useful.

My family and I took a small trip down to the town where we all grew up (population: 7,000 or so), and I am glad to report that even in the most rural of areas, I was able to connect to the Edge network, and use the Internet. Now, it seemed to me that the further into the rural areas I got, the slower Edge was…I’m not sure if that’s even how Edge works, and I could have been imagining things, but that’s how it appeared.

Still, I was able to look things up online, receive my email, and use Google maps – it was SLOW – but it worked.

This was the first complete charge for the battery, and I was mostly satisfied with the life of the charge. I was heavily using the web, watching video, listening to music, and making calls while demoing the iPhone to my various family members, and the battery hit the 20% mark at 6 hours 23 minutes.

Later that night, I was told by a guy working the window at a Whataburger that he quote: “hated me” because I was using the iPhone while waiting in line.

I think I’m going to be getting a lot of that.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

6 thoughts on “30 Days of iPhone – Day One

  1. I was playing with my iPhone before Transformers last night, and it sparked a pretty heated debate about how awesome/sucky it is in the row behind me.

    I’m still a bit nervous about demoing it for strangers, though. I REALLY don’t want to get mugged.

  2. LOL!!

    I love the “Hate you” reference. If you can imagine, that’s the kind of response I used to get in the Sidekick. Um… Used to… Now it’s all ho hum!! Hate the iPhone!! 😛

    So, I’m waiting for my sidekick contract to expire (a whole ‘nuther year) before I upgrade to the iPhone… 🙁


  3. And a lot of ‘oooo, can i try it?’

    If you haven’t yet, you should calibrate it (run it all the way down until it shuts off, then fully charge it w/o interruption (you can use it, but don’t unplug it). That greatly helped my batt life. Also remember to turn off wifi (Settings->WiFi) when you are out and about, that also can really help.

  4. I made a trip to Richmond yesterday and with the help of google maps I found a better route, I shaved and hour off my round trip. Also, I have found it is rather difficult to type while driving.

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