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I feel like every time I hop online I’m inundated with ads that say something like “we’re the one of the best places to sell an iPhone online”. The ads are flashy and sometimes promise to pay as much money for your iPhone as you originally paid. Sometimes they promise to find buyers that are eager for an iPhone just like yours. While some of them might be right, a lot of them are probably full of it. I did a lot of research (which basically just amounts to reading reviews) and here are the actual best places to sell an iPhone online.

The first place that we recommend starting your phone trade-in journey is SellCell has done all of the hard work for sellers by listing the best sites online where you can sell your phone. SellCell is a price comparison site and they make the process of selling an old phone simple because they compare over 35 phone buyback companies to get the user the best price. Prices across different buyers can vary significantly, so this site quickly helps the user find the best price for their old device in just seconds. SellCell also offers users a Best Price Guarantee, so if users find a better price on another site they will pay double the difference back. Another great thing about SellCell is that they vet all of the buyers on the site to ensure that they only compare well-established and trustworthy buyback companies. SellCell also displays all the most up-to-date user reviews of each of the buyers, so users can compare price, customer ratings, and payment options to make a quick and informed decision about who is the best company to sell their phone to.

SellCell will provide an instant valuation for all phones, tablets, smartwatches, Macs, and gaming consoles here (

sell an iphone online
USell is a site that matches you up with buyers. It’s a pretty good gig, and there are a lot of sites that are pretty similar to this. They’re one of the better ones because they are big enough that they can back up their guarantees. They don’t charge any selling fee which is a bonus over some of their competitors.

best places to sell an iphone
Swappa might just be the best place on this list. They are incredibly easy to use and they don’t charge a fee for you if you’re the seller. The “trading fee” comes out of the buyer’s end. Their staff constantly reviews the photos to make sure there’s no fraud and they operate via PayPal, which is a pretty safe way to go about it. The only setback is that you can’t sell a water-damaged or cracked phone on Swappa, so that iPhone 5s you dropped down your stairs isn’t going to be worth anything here.

sell an iphone online
SellShark is the best place to sell your iPhone online if it’s in pretty rough shape. They claim that they are buying damaged iPhones for considerably more than their competitors and the reviews seem to corroborate that. They get away with this (according to their site) because they have some of the best technicians and a ton of inventory. That iPhone you dropped down the elevator shaft might be worth something here.

sell an iphone online
NextWorth is a site that lets you sell your iPhone for a bit more (sometimes) than some of the other sites and they guarantee that your price won’t change for 30 days. Unlike the other sites on this list, they partner with big box stores like Target to move their inventory. The only downfall is that they don’t really specialize in phones since they’re such a big company so you might not get the best service.

Gazelle is a ridiculously easy site to navigate and they’re one of the more popular sites in the business. You ship them your phone and they look at it and tell you what it’s worth. The shipping is free as long as your phone is worth more than one dollar. They take phones in any condition. Gazelle’s drawback is that they generally aren’t going to give you as much money for your phone as the other sites where you sell directly to a consumer.

sell an iphone online
Glyde is as hassle-free as it gets. You list your device in a few seconds and they send you the box. All you have to do is stick it in your mailbox. They’re a site that finds you a buyer for your phone and there are a lot of different criteria that allow you to list your phone in different conditions. They’ll pay you via check, PayPal, or even BitCoin.

I should say that the best way to sell an iPhone online (as long as it isn’t completely smashed) is to get rid of the middle man and just sell it yourself via eBay, Craigslist, or just a good old-fashioned Facebook post. Sure that might be a bit more of a hassle on your end but it’ll almost certainly up the price, especially if it’s unlocked. My mom has sold two iPhones on Amazon Seller Central, it’s easy to list and they only take 8% off of your sale.

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  1. I am just in the midst of spring cleaning (I am trying the joy of tidying up method) but have the unfortunate reality of my husband having recently lost his job, so our old electronics need to fetch us a bit of cash. I will check out the sites you recommended… haven’t heard of several of them, like uSell. I was actually considering using a company called Orchard and I’m wondering if anyone else has had experience with this service? They’re at

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