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There are more games gone free this weekend than you can shake a virtual stick at. (And hey, there’s probably an app for that, anyway.) Check out these more than 25 free apps this weekend!

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Sylvester’s Band
Price: $4.99 Free
Interactive children’s storybook.

Animal Kingdom ABCs
Price: $1.99 Free
Teaches kids the alphabet and animals, including how to write letters.

Everyday Mathematics: Addition Top It
Price: $1.99 Free
One or two-player math game. (Four other McGraw-Hill ‘Everyday Mathematics’ games are also currently free.)

Vocab Junkie
Price: $1.99 Free
Improves your vocabulary.

Bear Hospital
Price: $1.99 Free
Time management game.

Bear Spa
Price: $1.99 Free
Time management game.

aFinance Budget
Price: $3.99 Free
Create a workable budget easily.

Price: $.99 Free
Simple number counting game.

Alien March
Price: $1.99 Free
Run-and-jump side-scroller set on alien worlds.

Beaver’s Revenge
Price: $.99 Free
Angry Birdsclone with 3D graphics.

Blockado Jungle
Price: $.99 Free
Block-based puzzle game.

Bug Heroes Quest
Price: $1.99 Free
3rd-person RPG from a bug’s perspective in a big world.

Crazy Submarine: Extreme Rush
Price: $2.99 Free
Adventure game where you dodge obstacles and collect rewards.

Cross Fingers
Price: $.99 Free
Slide wood pieces to create geometric shapes.

Cut It Up
Price: $.99
FreeFruit Ninja- style game here you cut your way through objects to find a pirate treasure.

Dalton the Awesome
Price: $.99 Free
Stick figure kills zombies in paper/scribble style. Kills cause buckets of blood.

Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs. Pirate Monkey Zombies
Price: $.99 Free
Black and white (and red) cut-’em-up.

Dune Rider
Price: $.99 Free
Race and perform stunts in the sand.

Fatcat Rush
Price: $.99 Free
3D side-scroller with colorful graphics and unique gameplay mechanics.

Hungry Shark Part 2+
Price: $.99 Free
Fast-paced aquatic eat-’em-up.

No Gravity
Price: $4.99 Free
3D space flight sim, with tons of fighting action and exploration.

NxtApp 4 Kids
Price: $1.99 Free
Math game with progressively harder levels, aimed at kids of various ages.

Pocket Dinosaurs 2
Price: $1.99 Free
Yet another Angry Birds clone.

Smelly Cat: A Love Story
Price: $.99 Free
Use slingshots to navigate a maze.

Warship Flight Deck Jam
Price: $.99 Free
The flight deck of your aircraft carrier is overloaded with planes, and you must clear it in order to defend it from attack.

Price: $.99 Free
Top-down tank fighting through maze-like levels.

Price: $4.99 Free
Adds landscaping to photos of your yard, to help you visualize landscaping possibilities.

Directory for Face Time
Price: $4.99 Free
A phone book directory for Face Time users.

Doodle Chat
Price: $.99 Free
Chat with friends by doodling little messages back and forth.

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