30 Days of iPhone – Day 4

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So guess what I did last night? I manually deleted 1,300 emails off my iPhone.

That was ultimately the only way to get rid of them. I tried to go into Gmail settings and stop them from downloading, but Gmail doesn’t treat the iPhone like it’s a POP3 email client. Emails still appear in my Gmail inbox as unread after I have downloaded them and deleted them from my iPhone. When I use Mail, however, they download. Then, when I return to my Gmail inbox, they have been archived as I have instructed them to do in the Gmail settings.

What prompted this?

Yahoo! Mail is terrible.

I sent several emails yesterday from my iPhone through Yahoo! Mail that were never delivered. I have also had several people tell me they have sent me mail that I haven’t seen (Steve, if you’re reading this, I STILL haven’t received your email). So, I have officially hung up that Yahoo! email address. Four days of not working properly is all I’m willing to give it.

Now that I have cleared out the Gmail inbox, it should be smooth sailing with that address, and all will be well with the world.

Also of note, my love of webcomics has been re-sparked, due in large part to the iPhone. I was looking to bookmark some quick, entertaining content, and was reminded of the webcomics that I used to read daily. Dinosaur Comics, Achewood, American Elf, and Overcompensating are all very surreal, and not for everyone – but if you find them funny, you’ll find them really, REALLY, funny.

Surfing on the iPhone continues to be enjoyable, especially through Wifi. I find myself pulling the iPhone out of my pocket when I want to quickly look something up, instead of going to my laptop or my desktop. It’s just as fast, if not faster, and I actually find the text easier to read (for the most part) on the zoomed in pages on the iPhone.

I’m glad to have this email situation finally solved, and I hope it’s helpful to you when you’re setting your iPhone up.

To you other iPhone users – have you had trouble with Yahoo! Mail? Gmail? Is it just me?

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8 thoughts on “30 Days of iPhone – Day 4

  1. I’ve had other email issues… I can’t set my iPhone to check my work email without it messing up Mail on my desktop. and on my personal email It doesn’t always download the message or attachment in an email.

    I’ve also found Safari to be extremely useful, I went to best buy yesterday to buy a Wii game and couldn’t decide between Transformers and Order of the Phoenix… so I looked up the reviews. And based on what I read, I bought Order of the Phoenix.

    Also of note. While I was there i plugged my iphone into an iPod Hi-Fi… didn’t work. It would be cool if it did.

  2. @Rick

    I would recommend the XtremeMac Luna. It’s a great audio player and it works just fine with the iPhone. I am surprised that the Hi-Fi doesn’t, though.

  3. I don’t think your email likes me. I sent another one off to your address directly the other day, ah well.

    All I really wanted was to know how the iPhone reacting to popup windows and just windows in general that open in new windows.

  4. One problem that I have with Gmail on the iPhone is that once I check my email after sending an email to someone i receive that email from myself as if I CC’d myself on it (the automatic CC’s is turned off!!!). I doubt there’s a solution to this but if anyone knows how to do something about it through Gmail Settings then please let me know. Thanks!

  5. gmail is hard to setup because instead of traditional folders like most mail, gmail uses ‘labels’. everything goes into one main box (all mail) and labels sort it from there. your inbox in gmail is merely a label, not a folder.

    the only true way to get around this is to have your mail forwarded to another email account (with traditional folders). have that address set so it shows the return address as gmail.com.

    i’m trying to figure out another way around this though, because it’s not very elegant to have 2 addresses all tangled up just to accomplish such a straightforward thing.

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