Get Bauer Goal Light App in Time for World Cup, Stanley Cup & Flash Mobs

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My favorite part of the FIFA World Cup football tournament, or soccer for the Americans, is the announcing of a point scored: GOOOOOOOOAAAAL!

Any avid sports fan must highlight the rare breakthrough goals in hockey, European football or any game really, and the “Bauer Goal Light” application becomes a key part of the celebration.

The free “Bauer Goal Light” App turns any iPhone into a flashing red device for blaring a goal siren! The touchscreen becomes a ruby oscillating light, just like the ones behind the goals at the ice hockey rink, and this thing has one extremely loud sound volume controlled by a realistic looking On and Off switch.

The fact that the “Bauer Goal Light” App features a scratched up stainless steel On and Off switch, where the metal knob must be flipped up with a finger on the iPhone’s screen shows the attention to detail that has been invoked here for the sake of fun.

Want to start a flash mob like no other? Set up dozens or hundreds of iPhone owners with the “Bauer Goal Light” App, have them all converge on the same Manhattan park or street at the same time and then fire off the goal sirens!

Want to have the opposing team know that they do not have home-field advantage? Get as many people as possible to download and use the “Bauer Goal Light” App after every score from the home team. Make noise!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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