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Designing your own poster, newsletter, or even graphics  for your social media content is an essential task that many people face. They all involve typography graphics that must attract attention. But the creation of it might be difficult because different text effects will come as a real challenge for people that want to try to design text-based graphics themselves. 

So we are going to review the Art Text app, a program that claims that it will make your typography design  procedures much easier. Let’s start. 

What Is Art Text?

Art Text is an app that focuses on designing different typography graphics and text effects. It includes working with 3D text, 2D text effects, and text animation. But our main goal is to see what the software gives us.

We are going to use its full potential, and find out what are the main design advantages it offers. It is time to start with Art Text  key features. 

What Can Art Text Do?

The first look at Art Text proved to us that text effects editing comes as the main option here. And we saw a lot of typographic solutions here. They included:

  • 3D Text. We know how hard it is to create a nice 3D text, but the app surprised us how it creates a 3D text from any text and font you use. When you work with Art Text you will find  nice-looking and easy-to-use 3D text  templates useful. In fact, it is what you want to see when you use 3D typography tools. 
  • Spray Fill Option. It is a cute and nice text effect that creates text of different items such as coffee beans, lego bricks, balls, and more. The app offers a wide variety of supplied fill items, or users can import their own.. 
  • 2D Text Effects. We saw great tools that let us use shading materials that you apply to text to create embossed or convex text effects, as well as simulate volume on a 2D text. Text distortion effects that the app offers lets you change the regular 2D text beyond common font options. For example, you can create rough text edges, round corners, or create erosion in the text body. A set of transformation shapes  let users bend and warp text.
  • 590 Templates. Besides trying to create a typography graphics, we tried using numerous different typography templates. They are amazingly attractive and flexible in use, you can either replace the wording of the template to get quick result, or dive into editing various effects used in the template, and even add your own to further improve the look.  

Art Text has a companion app, Letters, that has a minimum of editing tools, but focuses largely on the supplied templates. The main advantage of the Letters app is its price, it is free. Although, some additional templates may cost you in the range of $4-$7 per templates set. . 

Text Motion and Animation

Besides designing text-based graphics, Art Text has intuitive and easy-to-use text animation feature that can create motion graphics and text effect animations for video titles, social media posts and various presentations where animated text is used.

Text animation with Art Text is straightforward, you create several keyframes with text effect and/or position changes, and the app will create an animation based on the smooth transition from one keyframe to another.

The result of your animation can be exported to different video formats – GIF, MOV, M4V, MP4. Option to export video on a transparent background makes the animation great for inclusion into any video as a movie title.

Is Art Text Worth It?

Working with Art Text was a nice experience. This app provided great design opportunities and left us with a good feeling inside. The interface is easy, the application works smoothly with macOS, and the variety of design options was just amazing. The software has enough video tutorials to teach first-time users about key tools and features.


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