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Free Run Pee App Allows for Pee Breaks at the Movies

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The only thing the “Run Pee” application for the iPhone cannot do is pee for you!

Every group has a friend that buys a ten-gallon soda and, despite using the theatre bathroom right before the movie begins, has to relieve him or herself during an exciting or important point of a film. Aside from the annoying interruption of everyone’s fantasyland experience, as the pee-dancing personage stands and shuffles out, the culprit nearly always has to ask whoever they are sitting near what happened when they were gone.

The free “Run Pee” App is the solution to the bladderless movie-goer! This amazing tool provides Pee Times for every movie that is out, in order of when they came out or alphabetically. The Pee Times are places in the film where there is neither entertaining action, nor pivotal plot information, so that in essence the Pee Times are places that one can afford to miss.

Clicking on the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” shows that at 37 minutes into the film there is a 4 minute Pee Time window when an overly thirsty patron can empty themselves accordingly without missing anything. There is even a cue before the Pee Time emerges: “After Balthazar says to Dave…” then one can go urinate!

There are trailers for the films in the “Run Pee” App, and it is a good way to tell which movies are better off being skipped altogether, as the worst movies will have more useless periods of time where there is no plot development or action, in other words Pee Times. A movie with seven Pee Times and a total of 30 minutes of down-pee-time is probably not worth interrupting with a bathroom break in the first place.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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