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With the recent release of the iPhone 12, people are now on the lookout for cases to protect them with. The iPhone 12 doesn’t come cheap so covering it with a protective case is a must. Remember, any bumps or scratches degrade the value of these devices. There are several options for iPhone 12 cases that you can choose from and it doesn’t have to be expensive for it to work as a good protective case. If you’re searching for one, here are some iPhone 12 cases under $20 to look at.

Transparent Temdan Slim Case

iphone cases under $20

If you’re looking for something simple but slim, you can consider getting this case from Temdan. It’s a clear case that doesn’t have any design on it so you can still clearly see the beautiful color of your iPhone 12. This cover is also scratch-resistant and comes with TPU bumpers for fall protection. Plus, this iPhone 12 cover is compatible with wireless charging.

Black SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case

Do you want something that looks more solid and inconspicuous? This black Supcase iPhone 12 cover is a good choice for that. It’s designed with shock-absorbent TPU bumpers that ensure that your iPhone 12 is protected in case you accidentally drop it. Its bezels are also elevated to make sure that your touchscreen and camera lens won’t get scratches from being protruded.

Green Arae Ultra Thin Slim Leather Case

iphone cases under $20

A classic, elegant look is this case from Arae. It’s an ultra-slim case made from high-quality faux leather and microfiber lining that gives it a nice feeling when you hold it. The leather also gives it an anti-slip feature, which is important especially for people with sweaty hands. In case you find any issues with this iPhone case, Arae offers great after-sales service as well.

Green Restoo Anti-Slip Hard Armor Shockproof Case

Another case that features green accents is this one from Restoo. However, this iPhone 12 case features a more rugged look. It’s an anti-slip hard armor case that will protect your iPhone from bumps and scratches. It’s also shockproof and offers 360-degree full protection. If heavy-duty protection is what you’re looking for, this is the one for you.

Matte Black Spigen Liquid Air Armor

iphone cases under $20

Spigen is no longer a stranger to the iPhone case game. One of its many offers is this matte black Liquid Air Armor that’s light as air. It’s slim and fits the form of your iPhone 12 perfectly. It’s simple and low profile but features small geometric patterns on the back. Some of its features include Mil-Grade protection and Air Cushion Technology.

White GVIEWIN Aurora Lite Series Case

Contrary to dark themes, if you’re into elegant, white cases, check this one out from GVIEWIN. It’s a classic white marble iPhone 12 case that’s perfect for women who love simple but classy looks. This phone case is also glossy but fingerprint-proof. Don’t worry, this cover is also anti-yellow so it won’t turn into a different hue over time.

White Floral Cutebe Clear Case

Do you want a white design but not all throughout? This Cutebe clear case features white illustrations of flowers perfect for girls who still want their iPhone covers to be a bit see-through. It’s also slim fit so your iPhone won’t look too big or bulky. This cover is also made from high-quality materials that are eco-friendly so you’re not harming the environment by purchasing this case.

Clear GVIEWIN Clear Floral Case

Another clear floral case worth looking into is this one from GVIEWIN. The flowers in this iPhone 12 case are more clearly illustrated. Most people worry about yellowing when they purchase clear cases but this one has an anti-yellow feature so its color will stay the same over time. It’s impact-resistant and made from high-quality TPU. Not only will it protect your iPhone 12 from bumps and scratches, but it’ll also make your device look so much cuter.

Garden Zelaxy Cute Floral Flower Case

People who love gardens would most likely adore this iPhone 12 case from Zelaxy. Made from TPU and polycarbonate, this phone cover features different kinds of flowers on the back. It looks incredibly pretty for people who love flowers. The case itself feels smooth to the touch but doesn’t feel slippery at all.

Marble i-Blason Cosmo Series Case

If you’re looking for something a bit feminine but not too girly, this iPhone 12 case is a great option. It features a geometric back design and comes in pink. Despite being glossy, it contains an oil-resistant coating to avoid fingerprints. The gold foil lining that borders the geometric shapes adds a nice touch to the overall look and feel of this iPhone 12 case.


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