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Easy Tips to Pick the Most Affordable Video Streaming Services in New Zealand

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The industry of streaming services is rising. Finding out which one is best for you is not an easy job. Also, many VOD platforms are geo-restricted and limited to a specific territory. So for instance, if you try watching HBO Max in New Zealand, you will see the geo-restriction error. However, you can use a trustworthy VPN service to unblock HBO Max in NZ

Further, there are different reasons we access streaming services. Some people want to catch new shows and movies, some look for live sports channels, some want content for their kids, and some want an all-in-one. For any reason, you get various options to choose from.

Going with multiple services is costly and not an option for everyone. Therefore, you have to be smart with your choice. And for that, we are going to share some tips, helpful in picking the best video streaming service in New Zealand without going heavy on your pocket.

Tips to Consider When Choosing A Streaming Service in New Zealand

Subscription Cost

We all know that using any streaming service requires a subscription. According to your budget, you pay them on a monthly or annual basis. However, everyone wants more in less. So, it is no wonder that you must compare different services in New Zealand based on their subscription cost.

Comparing always reveals the best option and saves us in our pocket. Besides, many streaming platforms also offer additional discounts if you get their annual subscription. If you are willing to use the service for a long, then going with the yearly subscription is a good decision.

What Service it Offers

The primary aim of any VOD service is to provide you with entertaining content. However, some services’ content is focused on a specific range. You have to consider what you are looking for in New Zealand. Getting a service that focuses on live sports streaming and expecting to catch the latest free movies on it is not a good move.

The key is to analyze the prime focus of the streaming service. Some are all rounder but come with a little high subscription cost. Therefore, look at what you want before spending.

How Many Screens are Allowed

If you have a big family, then you must consider this tip. Everyone in the family or group has a different taste. You may like the Fast and Furious series but your partner is into the Transformers series. In that case, you will watch your favorite on a different device. So it is better to go with the service that allows multiple screens at once without charging you extra.

Check Service Reviews

Learning from others’ experiences is more than the best you can do. We have access to the whole world because of the internet. Therefore, before getting the streaming platform subscription, look for reviews from other users.

You can read an expert’s blog to find the pros and cons of the service. Sometimes things are not as good as are mentioned and happen to be different in reality. So, the more information you collect about the platform, the wiser decision you can make.

Consider Preferences of your Family

If you are getting a VOD service for the family, then you must put focus on other family members watching preferences. You want to be updated with news but your children want cartoons, and your spouse wants cooking shows.

Considering all these different tastes, you should invest in a service that fulfills your entire family’s content needs. And for that, check the channels offered by the streaming service. If it offers multiple channels but in the same category, then it is not worth it to invest in. Go for the service that includes multiple categories and remains updated with the latest content.

Check your Internet Support for the Selected Service

It is crucial to know whether the service is operable in New Zealand on your internet connection or not. To know that, you can contact your internet service provider (ISP). Sometimes, your ISP does not allow streaming channels and offer separate internet plans for that.

Besides, the connection speed also plays a significant role. To stream the content in high definition without any buffering, you need a connection of at least 100 Mbps. Meanwhile, if you want to stream in 4K, then more speed is required.

Additionally, if multiple users consume content at once, then you should consider going with the fiber optic connection. It delivers an uninterrupted watching experience and does not slow down even when multiple users are streaming.


We hope that now you would not find much difficulty in choosing the right and affordable streaming service in New Zealand. The tips we have discussed above can significantly aid you in picking the best among all the service providers while saving you on your wallet.


Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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