Spook your friends with HauntedFace and ZombieBooth this Halloween

Every year we try to find ways to spook our friends and this time I cracked it with HauntedFace Lite and ZombieBooth Lite for the iPhone. Yeah sadly no universal version yet but it works fine on the iPad. The app is similar to Photo Booth effects but turns your face into a horrendous mistake of creation.

Here’s a sample I created for my friends.

The Lite version of HauntedFace has a randomized ghost effect that changes every so often or when you tap on the screen. The accompanying sounds are rather disturbing — in fact when watching this in a really dark room, alone, I still get slightly disturbed. I really must warn you — the sequences can be rather disturbing.

HauntedFace Lite [Download Now]

ZombieBooth Lite gives you two choices for transforming you into an infected human. Unlike HauntedFace, you can interact with your own mug but touching various places on screen to lead the zombie to try to bite you.

ZombieBooth Lite [Download Now]

Both ZombieBooth and HauntedFace allow you to record a transformation sequence but it is only limited to 18 seconds (that’s where the paid version comes in). Still, that’s a lot of time to spook your friends. To create your transformation you’ll need a fairly well lit photo taken with your camera or a photo loaded from another album. What actually works is taking photos of other photos: the app will ask you to determine where the eyes and mouth are to make the transformations more realistic.

After recording a sequence (leave a few seconds with no transformation so your friends will be caught off guard), you can upload the video onto Facebook or Youtube or simply keep them in your iOS gallery to show with your friends.

TIP: If you do plan to upload your video to YouTube, you may want to send your friends a link rather than have it embedded as YouTube doesn’t always preview with the first few seconds of your film. This will definitely spoil the surprise as an embedded link will give away the surprise with a preview in the middle of the transformation.

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  1. Im happy i check out this. I was worried about doing this exact same thing inside my home.
    It doesn’t appear which bad at this time.