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In case you have gone through the entire catalog of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu and are looking for more video content to devour, here’s good news for you. Plex, together with its partner Crackle, is offering more free movies and TV shows to its US users.

It’s not that Plex hasn’t dished up more than its fair share of free movies and TV shows, but this new drop includes thousands of new titles. And while you may have had the experience of “useless” video content on free legal platforms, Plex’s offerings include some gems like Captain PhillipsPatriot GamesThe Illusionist, and Failure to Launch. If you’re more into bingeing on TV shows, then there are the likes of Hell’s KitchenSnatch, and Roseanne.

Not a Plexian yet?

Here are some good reasons you should start Plexing.

Not in the US? Not to worry. While you won’t be able to enjoy these free movies and TV shows at the moment, Plex is streaming to more than 200 countries worldwide, and they are planning on rolling out the free stuff outside the US. With how things are going right now – people consuming content like there’s no tomorrow – this is more likely to happen sooner than later.

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