Apple to Use More Sapphire Glass?

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If the postcard that GT Advanced, Apple’s sapphire glass manufacturing partner based in Arizona, is anything to go by, Apple just might be looking at using more sapphire glass in its products.

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It’s no secret that Apple has relied on Corning for its durable Gorilla Glass from the beginning, but when sapphire glass came into the picture, questions started to crop up; and true enough, Apple has been using sapphire glass, albeit in small pieces – to protect your iPhone’s camera and the home button of the iPhone 5s.

With the “new” glass showing itself to be superior in many ways, it makes sense for Apple to ditch Corning’s current product, yes? But of course, there is the question of the price…

Then again, why is GT Advanced going on a hiring spree? As we can see from the postcard that the company sent to locals of Mesa, Arizona, they are looking for people who can “bring excellent technical skills and a collaborative approach”. While it does not say anything about “making sapphire glass for Apple products”, we know better than to actually expect them to say that!

So, what does Apple have up its sleeve now? Any ideas?

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