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Censorship is *BLEEPed up! Enjoy the power of the iPhone’s very own “Bleep Button!” The App provides a loud and ominous BLEEP at the iPhone user’s command.

Is a friend taking a passionate conversation a little too far? Remind them of the fact, that they have to pay the swear jar, by hitting the “Bleep Button” application to break up the inexplicable cussing.

For the movie buff who loves censorship, and if my sarcasm is lost on you here then I will point out that this is tongue in cheek, the “Bleep Button” App reaffirms power to the uptight conservative individual.

The only downside to this free App from the App Store is that the $.99 premium version gets twenty other sounds to Bleep Out things. Add humor to expletive when pressing the Alarm, Applause, Burp, Buzzer, Kiss, Ka-Ching, Truck Horn, Scream, Fart and Gong sounds to name a few in the App.

The free “Bleep Button” application does include the top 200 movies where the F-word was used the most in the history of cinema! This list is massive and loaded with fun information, like for instance the number four flick, “Casino,” which used the F-word 470 times! The App also gives the F-words per minute, which is 2.37 in this case, and the film length to give perspective at 178 minutes. Genius!

Quentin Tarantino is aptly included twice in the top twenty-five movies using the F-word! “Reservoir Dogs” had an average of 2.71 F-words per minute, at rank twenty-four, and “Pulp Fiction” was not too shabby either, at rank twenty-five, with 1.72 F-words per minute! Watch the classic films and hold up the iPhone to “Bleep Button” the appropriate parts and piss someone off!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: B+

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