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“Today, I was in the supermarket and I see this little boy…ask if his mom knows where he is. The boy turns around and turns out he was actually a very angry midget. FML.” This was the posting that greeted the user of the “FML” App upon opening it.

The “FML” application is free for the iPhone, and truly one of the funniest ways to spend one’s time on the go. This App is a portable version of the web site that is famous for postings from embarrassed people all over the world, who have a story to tell that ends badly. To be more specific, all of the “FML” stories end with the letters FML, representing the words: F*%k My Life.

The “FML” App is pure genius. Thumb it, and see a concise and funny tale. The App prompts the user for his or her location, and then automatically compiles FML prose based on people that are close to where the reader is standing at the moment.

It is not impossible to see a friend’s story on “FML,” nor is it too far fetched to actually be one of the characters in the non-fiction narrative that comes on the iPhone screen! Most of these stories have a brutal twist at the end, followed by FML, of course. Careful with “FML” as the laughter might even apply to one’s self.

Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

2 thoughts on ““FML” IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Hilarious App

  1. Big, Beautiful, Crisp, Bright, Fast, Flexible. Having this amount of pristine screen to work on is a pleasure & a time saver. Love the aluminium back plate: Looks gorgeous in the office reception or in the living room. SD card slot at last!

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