CES Highlights: iPad 2 Hardware & The iCADE

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The Consumer Electronic show which takes place every year in Las Vegas hosts technology vendors from ASUS to Zotac and is one of the largest electronic events of the year. Despite being followed up by Macworld, a large number of Apple accessory makers showcase their latest products at the event. However, one accessory maker gave Mashable a sneak peak at the iPad 2 instead of just a case rendering.

iPad 2 Displayed At CES?

The iPad 2 is expected to launch or at least be announced soon and already case mockups have been making their rounds on the Internet. The most concrete evidence we’ve seen of the iPad 2’s near final design was at GoPod Mobile’s display at CES. Charlie White from Mashable found a back cover of the iPad 2 allegedly sent to the company by Apple to use for case design. The cover lines up with rumors the iPad 2 will have a back facing camera and larger speaker. The cover also has tapered edges like similar to the iPod Touch as hinted by several rumors.

The iCADE – Every Retro Gamers’ Excuse To Now Buy An iPad

The iCADE is a rather interesting accessory that appeals to every old school gamer. If the name hasn’t given it away, the iCADE designed by the creative folks at ION Audio and first unveiled by Think Geek on April 1st is a miniature gaming cabinet for the iPad.

The iCade comes with a typical arcade style joystick and buttons the connect to the iPad over Bluetooth and can control several retro style iPad games being released by Atari. The cabinet won’t be arriving until Spring and will be priced at $99.

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