Why have the MobileMe blog updates stopped? It’s not fixed yet!

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As I sit here (extremely frustrated) wishing that Mail would actually work, I can’t help but wonder why we haven’t seen an update on the MobileMe News page since August 29th.

It can’t be because MobileMe is fixed. If it was fixed, I wouldn’t have to keep a browser window open to use the mail service on me.com because my actual Mail App can’t send or receive email half the time.

I understand that we’ve all been given extensions of our MobileMe accounts, and that they’re “doing their best” to get it up to snuff – but seriously – HIRE MORE PEOPLE. Get this figured out. I am sick and tired of my email not being dependable.

I’ve already started moving important business email to other services, but if at least a month or two of the extension isn’t problem free, then there’s just no way I’m going to pay for this. I’m getting nothing of value out of this constant trouble, and if it was any other company I would have abandoned this crap months ago.

“I’m sorry, we’ll fix it” is only going to work for so long, and I’m beginning to think that actually fixing this problem is beyond their capacity.


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8 thoughts on “Why have the MobileMe blog updates stopped? It’s not fixed yet!

  1. I find it weird that you are stil having issues with your MobileMe. Mine and my wife’s works perfectly fine and has for a couple weeks now. Syncs with the iphones, and Mail.app all the time.

  2. Same here. I have the iPhone 3G and have not experienced any problems with my Mobile Me account or Mail.app (running 10.5.4 MacBook Pro). Everything syncs – no problem! Sounds like a lot of people are still having problems.

  3. Having no problems with the service. Hope to add a iPhone to the mix today if UPS would hurry up already. I’d suggest resetting all your MobileMe sync data in System Preferences, which cleared up my initial problems at launch.

    Given that most of us got a 30 day extension followed by another 60 day extension, one could reasonably assume thats how long its going to take to ‘fix’ MobileMe.

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