Steve Jobs comes clean about his health

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We’ve talked about it several times recently, as have many other sites, so I feel like its necessary to at least post a quick write up that Steve Jobs has revealed a little more information about his current health.

While his health problems have been “a good deal more than a common bug.” They are not said to be life threatening. The New York Times spoke directly with Jobs, who was not happy about making the call. He refused to allow specifics of his health issues to be made public, and even went so far as to called the reporter involved “a slime bucket who gets most of his facts wrong”, but he did give enough information for the Times to confirm his health status.

Hopefully we can move past this issue. I know everyone will be looking forward to the next time we see Jobs’ live, which is likely to be at an Apple Special Event before the Holidays, or at the latest Macworld 2009.

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One thought on “Steve Jobs comes clean about his health

  1. Jeez, What if the guy just had the runs for a week? I know people think the stockholders have a rite to know but I think when it comes to someone’s personal business such as this that the stockholders DO NOT have a rite to know.

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