4 Ways to Give Back With Apple, Inc.

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Poverty, homelessness, global warming, animal abuse, starving children; these are just a few among many issues that are in dire need of a helping hand.  There is no shortage of charitable organizations, churches, and noble causes around the world that could use volunteers, donations and attention.  However, finding the funds and resources to support noble causes isn’t always easy for nonprofits and charitable organizations. 

While charitable donations are currently on the rise, there is still much more that can be done to support those in need.  Thankfully, your loyalty to Apple products can put the power of giving back right in the palm of your hands. Here are a few easy ways you can give back by teaming up with Apple, Inc.

Help the Planet

It’s true that recycling and the “going green” movement is helping preserve our planet. However, there is still a lot more to be done to clean our oceans, reduce waste and combat global warming.  You can contribute to the cause of saving the planet by utilizing Apple’s recycling program.

Through their commitment to helping the environment, Apple offers three options for recycling your devices: 1) Send your iPhone, iPad or Mac in and they will refurbish it, 2) Trade your old Apple device in for a new one, or 3) Turn your tech in to be completely recycled.  All three options are great ways to give back to the environment.  Furthermore, you can rest assured your identity in any three of these scenarios because Apple scrubs all the data from your devices before recycling, replacing or refurbishing.

And if you don’t need to turn in your Apple devices, Apple has an app for you to help save the planet.  You can choose from a myriad of eco-friendly apps on Apple’s App Store so you can feel better knowing you are contributing to the betterment of the environment and the planet.

Work for Apple

If you work for Apple or looking to land a job with the Apple team, you can do your part to help your community or cause through their employment.  To explain, Apple’s Employee Giving program gives big rewards to employees who volunteer or donate to a charitable organization. 

Every dollar donated or hour volunteered by an Apple employee, Apple matches dollar for dollar and hour for hour.  Since this matching program started 10 years ago, Apple has donated over 700 million dollars and matched 2 million clock hours of volunteer work to various worthy causes.

Build an App or Add a Donation App on Your Website

If you have any experience with web application or app development, you might consider giving back by creating a charitable app to put on Apple’s app store.  As there is no end to worthy causes, your options as to which donation iOS app to develop are virtually endless. 

If you don’t have app design experience, you can always build a website on Apple devices with iOS-compatible, user-friendly, web building programs such as Wix.  Whether you build a site for your cause, or already have a website, you can easily add a web app encouraging your visitors to donate to charities or give to churches online directly through your site.

Go to the Apple App Store

There’s no question that the Apple iPhone, iPad and MacBooks keep all of us in touch, in tune and endlessly entertained with over 3 million apps available for download in the Apple App Store.  While iOS apps can certainly make life easier and more entertaining, they can also make it a cinch to give back. 

From apps that help you reforest the planet, feed a family, or help send medical supplies to impoverished countries – you guessed it – there’s an app for that.  And if you don’t want to install an app for charity, you can go to Apple’s website where they’ve recently added a UNICEF banner to help families affected by the war in Ukraine.

The Last Word on Apple Tech for Changing the World

We all know the world isn’t perfect, and there are a lot of ways you can make a big difference.  Thanks to the many opportunities provided by Apple, you can do your part by paying it forward and helping the world in many ways. 

Whether you choose to build a charitable website for your hometown cause or download an app to give to your favorite animal shelter, there are tons of ways you can make this world a better place. 

To be sure, Apple has revolutionized how we can all contribute to improve our planet and the inhabitants upon it.  So take advantage of all Apple has to offer so you can give back to your community or cause today.


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