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Protecting the environment starts with ourselves. If we lead an ecological lifestyle and take even minor actions to save nature, its state will improve significantly. But what specific steps can you take, and how can you plan them wisely? These eco-friendly apps come to the rescue.

EOS Crop Monitoring

This application allows you to monitor the state of a field and harvest remotely on your smartphone. You can find more information about the solution on the company’s official website. EOS Crop Monitoring is suitable for small farms and large firms, including insurance businesses. The analysis is based on multispectral satellite shots. Moreover, the application database contains fresh and historical satellite images. Therefore, if you wish, you can analyze the change in a region over several decades. Here are just a few of the features available.


EOS Crop Monitoring collects and analyzes information on soil moisture, stage of growth, and planting density. Based on the data, scouts can create reports with attached photos.

Info cards

The app has unique cards for each field. Here you can store information about the state of crops and areas. The data can be visualized on a map with intelligence reports if necessary.

Interactive maps

You can customize the above maps to receive a specific type of information. For example, analyze the vegetation index promptly to identify problem areas.


It is a dedicated application for monitoring water and moisture levels in a field. With its help, you can regulate the optimal balance for crops and soil and economically use water resources. Thanks to flexible settings, the application can analyze the amount of water consumed for different purposes: growing fruit trees, producing meat, and making clothes. Thus, the service has both environmental and economic value.


Humanity produces tons of garbage every day, so recycling is essential for protecting the environment and improving the ecosystem. iRecycle helps you find nearby disposal sites for batteries, chemicals, paper, metal, and more. Also, in the app, you will find daily news from the Earth 911 company, which has specialized in waste management for over 20 years. What’s more, there is content to read and even podcasts with episodes of 15 to 40 minutes. In this way, the application raises users’ awareness and educates them.


Due to the massive scale of the food industry, it can be difficult for ordinary consumers to find safe products for themselves and the environment. This free app was created to solve this problem. It analyzes a product in terms of parameters set by a user: allergic reactions, dietary preferences, etc. Another benefit is the opportunity to compare food prices across regional markets. Currently, the GreenChoice catalog contains almost 350 food products, and it is regularly updated. It is an excellent choice for healthy eating and saving money.


Climate change has the most significant impact on the environment. Moreover, its distinctive feature is the global scale of the effect. Use #climate to learn more about how you can help improve the situation. You can filter topics and organizations that you want to follow and receive prompt notifications about the most critical events in this area. Enter your actions in your profile, and the application will analyze them in several ways, including shares, support, reactions, etc. Since climate change affects all of humanity, do not forget to share #climate data with your friends so that they can participate in protecting nature too.


This application is suitable for those who want to engage in environmental protection more fun. Here, users compete in different environmental activities, including consuming healthy food or using eco-friendly transportation. Participants receive badges as a reward. You can also share your ideas with other users via the community newsfeed function. The app displays all the progress and environmental impact data to assess your contribution in real-time.


It is one of the best environmental apps for daily life. It helps you make your habits more sustainable and environmentally friendly. JouleBug provides advice on just about any activity, from outdoor fitness to water and energy consumption management. One of its advantages is the availability of video tutorials and other content that allow you to understand the importance of your actions for the whole world better. Additionally, you can exchange helpful information with other users.

It is just a small list of applications that you can use to improve the environment. Today there are services for all our activities, so we can make a small contribution to protecting nature every day. And while these steps may seem tiny, the more people are involved, the greater the result. In addition to the practical function, many applications help increase your awareness. They provide exciting ecological facts and use old satellite images to demonstrate changes in individual regions over a long historical period.


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