5 Apps Making the World a Better Place

apps for charity

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There is an app for just about any activity you can think of – navigating through traffic-filled city streets, finding a significant other, and reserving dinner at top restaurants in your area.

However, are there apps out there that can be used to change the world for the better? You bet. Here is a list of five apps that enable acts of generosity, goodwill, and responsibility.

Apps for charity


apps for charity

This app is currently in its beta testing phase for the iPhone. Its target audience is the more actively competitive Millennial with some philanthropic tendencies. The competitive activities come in the form of a race, a game of Trivial Pursuit, a suburban hide-and-go-seek game; anything you can think of provided no one gets hurt. The participant who loses the challenge is required to donate to a predetermined charitable organization while the winner gets a pass. This is one of the few occasions where losing can feel quite good.

Charity Miles

apps for charity

Available for both iPhone and Android, this app’s motto is “Hit the Streets. Change the World”. The app tracks how far you’ve run, biked, walked or skipped. You then earn money from the site’s corporate sponsors that you donate to any charity you wish. Runners receive a quarter for each mile while bikers earn a dime per mile. The amount isn’t much, but if you are training for a marathon or planning an overnight hiking trip the amount can add up quickly.


apps for charity

This app is great for those insisting on photographing their dinner to share with friends later. Feedie promotes snapping pictures of your entrees for a great cause. It was launched by the Lunchbox Fund, a nonprofit organization helping to feed schoolchildren in rural areas of South Africa. With every food-related photo taken, a Feedie-friendly restaurant will make a donation of one meal to the Lunchbox Fund. For now participating cities include New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and South Africa.


apps for charity

The website/app for both Android and IOS is very simple: divert recyclable waste from landfills and you are rewarded for your efforts. There are “interactive features” that are assigned a certain number of points. After amassing a large amount of points, you can then redeem them for loot on the online marketplace. You can always turn your point into a monetary donation to a local nonprofit if you don’t want anything .


apps for charity

The majority of volunteers don’t fear the act of volunteering, but rather wish to successfully connect to an organization that aligns with their beliefs, goals, and interests. VolunteerMatch is a matchmaking service that connects good people with good causes. It connects potential volunteers with local organizations across a wide range of categories including education and literacy, disaster relief, animals, hunger, and many more. With over 98,000 nonprofits having used their services as well as three presidents, it’s no wonder VolunteerMatch continues to be one of the top tools in its field since its launch in 1998.

These are but a handful of apps you can access to better your surrounding area and even the world. These apps won’t only help others in need, but they will also make you feel better about yourself. Whether you’re exercising, volunteering, or snapping pictures of your favorite foods, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that what you’re doing is aiding someone.

This post is written by Hobbs Karg, a writer for Fueled, the leading AppleWatch app builder in New York City that is renowned for its award winning mobile design and strategy.

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