Morning Links – Customize Leopard Dock and Mail Stationary

If you like to customize the look and feel of your Mac, then you’ll dig both of these links.


The first is for those of you that are unhappy with the new Dock. By replacing 4 images you can change the look of your Dock from bright and reflective to smokey looking and reflective. It’s a pretty cool change, but it’s going to come down to which one you like better. I like the Leopard Dock, so I’m happy with the default look. If you want to change it though, you can click here to find out how.

If you’re a big fan of the Stationary in Mail (which I’m not – I don’t see much point it in myself) you can create your own templates by following the instructions on The Apple Blog. Maybe if there were some cool stationary templates out there, I might like it better….so go make some, then email me.



  1. Finally! Someone else who likes the new dock!

  2. Hi guys!

    The new dock looks amazing on the tutorial page. Bute when I am trying to change it nothing happens after the “killall dock” command at terminal. The dock reloads and looks like the same before :(

    am I doing something wrong?


  3. +1 to those who favor the new dock.

    The first link to customize the dock doesn’t work now.

    Want some stationery for mail? Go here:

    All 111 of them…

  4. taylor van sickle says:

    check out an app called DockColor. Just google it and download it! It works like a charm….

  5. email me for more stationeries

  6. I saw a posting that said to e-mail you for more mail stationery. I have been searching for some. Thank you!

  7. I’ll post them in Limewire guys, so you can all spread them around. Just type stationery and you should be able to find the files ok…

  8. I can’t find your email. What is it??

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