5 Free iTunes TV Shows – Season and Series Premieres

It’s that time of year when networks are vying to get our eyeballs on their latest shows. Either brand new series, or returning shows – it doesn’t really matter, they want us watching. This year, a number of networks have opted to put season or series premieres in iTunes to drum up more viewers. Here […]

Some NBC Shows appear in iTunes…Some Don’t.

There seem to be differing views online about what the addition of new NBC shows Chuck and Journeyman mean for the deal between Apple and NBC. It appears to me that NBC is getting its way – to a degree. After Apple decided to pull all new NBC shows, NBC came back a few hours […]

Starbucks to give away 50 Million iTunes Songs

Next week, the partnership between Apple and Starbucks begins – and to promote the new partnership, Starbucks is going to be giving away 50 million iTunes songs. The way the promotion will work is like this – Starbucks plans to offer its customers “Song of the Day” cards that can be redeemed through the end […]

Ed Burns’ next movie goes straight to iTunes

I’m a big Ed Burns fan. I’ve loved his movies all the way back to The Brother’s McMullin. I’m not talking about everything he’s acted in – but the films that he’s written, directed and starred in. He has done some really great work, and I’m excited to see that his new film, Purple Violets, […]

iTunes 7.4.2 is released – and it sucks

iTunes 7.4.2 is out. It sucks. Why? It kills the Ringtone work around, and even goes so far as to delete the Ringtones that you’ve made. Apple is getting an increasing amount of bad press for locking down iTunes, and the new iPods, and I have to say, I’m getting pretty sick of it. It’s […]

mStation Orb – Coolest iPod Stereo I’ve Ever Seen

The mStation Orb has been out for a little while now, but I missed it when it initially launched. I caught my first glimpse of it today, and I have to say, there is something about it that I really dig. The mStation Orb has a dedicated subwoofer, Syncs with iTunes, and 30 watts of […]