Apple quietly announces iTunes Plus Price Drop

How does a company quietly announce something? Well, yesterday afternoon articles from Macworld appeared on Yahoo claiming that Apple has dropped the price of its iTunes Plus songs from $1.29 to $.99 cents. The songs will remain at the 256kbps AAC format, and on top of all of that, over 2 million songs from independent […]

RUMOR: iTunes Plus to expand and get cheaper!

Ars Technica reports that we should be hearing some big news about iTunes Plus today. We haven’t heard much about them since EMI’s last report that they were “selling well”, but the rumor is that today Apple will not only expand the iTunes Plus program to include several indy labels, but they will also drop […]

5 Free iTunes TV Shows – Season and Series Premieres

It’s that time of year when networks are vying to get our eyeballs on their latest shows. Either brand new series, or returning shows – it doesn’t really matter, they want us watching. This year, a number of networks have opted to put season or series premieres in iTunes to drum up more viewers. Here […]

Some NBC Shows appear in iTunes…Some Don’t.

There seem to be differing views online about what the addition of new NBC shows Chuck and Journeyman mean for the deal between Apple and NBC. It appears to me that NBC is getting its way – to a degree. After Apple decided to pull all new NBC shows, NBC came back a few hours […]