Apple to open up Fairplay is reporting that they have learned that Apple will be opening up the Fairplay DRM through two announcements this week –

1) That they will allow AAC streaming content via USB

2)  That they will be licensing their Fairplay DRM to their Made For iPod licensees

How will this affect you?

Well, with these changes you should be able to play songs bought from the iTunes Store through third party devices like hi-fis using digital connections, and devices  (like the hi-fis or iPod Docks)  should be able to display more information about the  songs, including album artwork.

Apple, like all DRM companies, has been feeling the stink of public discontent over the past several months as customers get continually fed up with DRM fo any sort…this could be a first step on their part to loosen the reigns a bit…although I wouldn’t expect DRM to disappear anytime soon.

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