How Stupid do you have to be to work for the RIAA?

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Seriously…this is just hard to understand…

Aparently, the fine folks at the RIAA misread Steve Jobs’ Open Letter “Thoughts on Music” post yesterday. According to Engadget, the RIAA issued a response today stating that Jobs’ offer to license FairPlay was a “welcome breakthrough” that would be a “real victory for fans, artists and labels.”

The problem?

He DIDN’T DO THAT. In fact, he specifically stated that Apple wouldn’t be able to protect the musci content adequately if they were to license Fairplay to others. What Jobs DID say was that DRM was broken…it didn’t work…and it should be abolished.

I mean, seriously…how can you possibley misread that? It’s like they wear these rose colored glasses that just simply don’t allow them to see, read, or understand what is going on around them.

I just don’t get it.

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