Ipod Saves Solider’s Life

This is not just a cool Apple related story…it’s a cool story, period. From the Flikr Page: Kevin Garrad (3rd Infantry Division) was on a street patrol in Iraq (Tikrit I believe) and as he rounded the corner of a building an armed (AK-47) insurgent came from the other side. The two of them were […]

iPod Film Festival Finalists Announced

If you’re looking for some cool indy content to watch on your iPod, or AppleTV, then you should check out the finalists from The Flux “Ipod Film Festival”. These finalists were picked by a panel of judges that included Mike Nelson from MST3K and The Woz himself. The 25 finalists are broken down into three […]

Top 5 Apple Designs of All Time

If it’s one thing Apple has always been great at, it’s design. Without Apple’s continously innovative design, the company probably wouldn’t still exist…it certainly wouldn’t be the dominating force that it is today. In celebration of the design teams that have built so many great Apple products, and the designs themselves, Apple Gazette is pleased […]

UPDATED: Apple/EMI Announcement coming Tomorrow

Macworld UK is reporting on an invitation sent out to major media outlets inviting journalists to an event that will take place at EMI’s London headquarters. The invitation reads: “Please join EMI Group CEO Eric Nicoli at EMI’s headquarters on Monday 2 April at 1pm London/8am New York time to hear about an exciting new […]

Roth MC4 Music Cocoon uses Real Tubes

The Roth MC4 Music Cocoon is a unique iPod Dock to say the least. It is a mix of old technology, and new technology. How? Well…the thing uses TUBES. No, not the Tubes that the Interweb is a series of, but actual real opperating tubes so you can hear your music like most of us […]

New Water Resistant iPod Speakers

Hammacher Schlemmer has released some stylish looking, water resistant speakers for the iPod. These wireless speakers receive a signal from an iPod docking station that can be up to 150 feet away…just to make sure you don’t splash anything on the iPod when you’re by the pool. In addition to the iPod connectivity, the speakers […]

RUMOR: Cover Flow coming to iPod?

So, this video is making its way around the web. To me, it looks completely fake, although I think Cover Flow would be a cool addition to the iPod interface. Judge for yourself, but I’m not buying it just yet (the fact that Gizmodo is the source doesn’t help convince me much)…

Apple and others sued over MP3 patent

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple, Samsung, Sandisk are all being sued by a little known Texas firm over a MP3 related Patent: From the article: In the complaint, Texas MP3 Technologies alleges that Apple, Samsung, and Sandisk are infringing on U.S. patent 7,065,417, which was awarded in June 2006 to former iPod chip-maker SigmaTel […]

Apple is Recruiting Game Designers

According to MaCNN Apple is recruiting students from the Savannah College of Art and Design for advanced graphics artists.  The article states that students are recieving an email from a recruiter looking for game developers for Apple to create “high quality 3D and 2D art for games. The message does not say what platform these […]