REVIEW: iFrogz Custom Case – Part One – Customizing and Ordering

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ifrogz_site.jpgiFrogz has been making a name for itself recently with some really interesting products, including their water resistant Bagz, and upcoming tadpole iPod case for kids, but one product that I’ve been dying to get a hold of is their custom iPod cases. Well, I finally got the chance late last week, and I’ll be posting a full review of the custom case I ordered when it arrives, but this post will be taking a close look at iFrogz’s website, which is where you customize and order your iFrogz custom cases.

The site itself, at first, looks kind of busy – but the design is eye catching, and it is easy to figure out how to get started. You just click on theiPod you own, and want to get a customized case for. Once you select your iPod , you’re immediately taken to the customization page – and the interface is slick. There are three main things to customize on your case, thewrapz, bandz, and screenz.

wrapz_colors.jpgThe wrap, of course, is the primary case for your iPod, and is available in 33 different color options ranging from Bright Red to Alien Glow. As you run through your selection of colors, each one has a smooth fade transition to the other, and you can easily see what the front and back of your case will look like with the mock-up in the right hand corner.

bandz_colors.jpgThe bandz are just as easy to customize, and come in 32 colors (some of the same colors as the wrapz, but some different ones as well). The great thing about these cases is that if you want, you can buy multiple bandz, wraps, or screenz. The bandz are only $4 bucks, and can allow you to change out your case design regularly.


The screenz have over 200 designs for you to choose from. They range from eyeballs and colors, to political parties, sports, and even the Mona Lisa. There is truly something here for every personality. Thescreenz (when sold separately) are about $6 bucks each.

For slightly more ($14.95), you can design your own custom screenz image. This feature is in Beta, but I plan on trying it out soon.

Separately a set of wrapz, bandz, and screenz would cost you $31, but when you bundle all three together, you save a few bucks, and get the set for $29. My wife and I spent a least half an hour just playing with the different design possibilities, before I finally let her design one for me, and then ordered that one. (You can see it below)


There were so many options I had a hard time choosing what I wanted – assuming the case is of the quality I expect it to be when it arrives, I’ll be ordering morebandz, wrapz, and screenz soon.

The case should arrive in the mail sometimes this week, and I’ll be taking photos of it, and running it through the paces when it gets here. Expect a full review sometime next week. Right now, though, you should head over to the iFrogz site, and play around with this custom case design interface. It’s a breeze to use, and you can make some really great looking cases.

After you take a look at it, come back here and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

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