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New MacBook Versus MacBook Air: A Physical Comparison [Video]

new macbook versus macbook air

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The details of the new MacBook were known, the device has been put through the usual tests and reviews. One has to admit that the new MacBook looks oh so good, and that any MacBook Air user could not be blamed if she decides to upgrade. In spite of the benchmark results that tell us that both laptops practically have the same performance.

Why the New MacBook Benchmark Scores Don’t Matter

But that’s not what this post is about.

What we’re going to look at is this Russian video that just surfaced on Reddit. It’s all about the new MacBook versus the MacBook Air – not specs, but physical details.

It’s all in Russian, but thank goodness for the citizens of the Internet for giving us the highlights in English.

Here’s the video, which you should still watch – eye candy if nothing else – but you’ll actually get the gist of it.

To help you more, here are the highlights of the new MacBook versus MacBook Air physical comparison:

  • She broke it before the review.
  • Was running OS X 10.10.2, then updated itself and got the OS compatibility error. Couldn’t restore it.
  • Adapter can be plugged in not just upside down but either end.
  • Scoffed at Cook about number of $79 adapters and $19 hubs Apple expects you to buy.
  • Her favorite part is the IPS retina display. Might even prefer an Air with retina but will be replacing her Air with this just for the display.
  • Not much key travel. Sturdy keyboard but prefers Air key travel.
  • Likes Force Touch trackpad and the simulated click response.
  • Managed about 10h battery on normal use.
  • After an hour’s use ran 38°C at hottest bit at the back, 35°C keyboard, 60-63°C CPU. Cooler than Air with active cooling.
  • Her 1.2Ghz model scored 5567 in Geekbench, about 700 more than her 2013 Air with 1.4GHz i5.
  • About 20% slower than Air in gaming. Obviously not for gaming except maybe low-ass settings.
  • Didn’t notice any performance issues in productivity, a few animation lags.

Emphasis above are mine – compelling reasons (at least for me) to consider an upgrade.

MacBook Air users, does this make you want (or not want) to buy the new MacBook?

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