Predictions for Apple’s Sept. Special Event, Macworld 2009, and Summer 2009

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Everyday I have to read some kind of report about a Wallstreet “analyst” who is making predictions about what the future holds for Apple. Half the time these guys are either just “predicting” stuff they read off of MacRumors or Apple Insider, and the other half they’re spouting out stuff that is so blatantly obvious that you can’t even call it a prediction.

The latest is Piper Jaffary analyst Gene Munster who is making the bold prediction of a “surprise Apple Special Event” in Sept. I’m sorry – but when a company has done something for the last three years in a row…that’s not a surprise anymore. What will be a surprise is if they DON’T have a “Special Event” in Sept.

What gets even more frustrating is when someone like this doesn’t even take the time to understand the company that he’s analyzing. I find this kind of think frustrating because people actually make investment decisions based on these kinds of reports…and if they’re THAT important the guy doing the research should actually RESEARCH THE COMPANY!

His prediction calls for new iPods and new Macbooks at the same event.

That’s NEVER going to happen.

Apple has simple special events that showcase a specific product line so that the media attention will be on THAT product. They don’t confuse these things by launching a new line of iPods AND a new line of Macbooks at the same time.

SO – if anyone can be an analyst and just throw their thoughts into the wind, I figure – why not me? I’ll give it shot – then we can all discuss how and why I’m wrong and an idiot.

Sound fun? I thought so.

September 2008 – Apple will hold a special event focused on the holiday iPod line-up. Refreshes across the board in storage capacity, plus new colors for iPod Shuffles and iPod Nanos. The highlight and focus of the show will be on the new iPod Touch which will have a slight redesign and a new $199 price tag for the base model.

Apple will also announce a software update to the iPhone/iPod Touch software, flipping on the switch for Developer push notification.

Macworld 2009 – Macworld 2009 will be all about the long awaited Macbook line design refresh. New Macbook Pros will come with a glass touchpad, possibly with a screen underneath. Snow Leopard will be delayed until WWDC 2009.

WWDC 2009 – Snow Leopard will be released and we’ll get a preview of iPhone 3.0.

Summer 2009 – A new iPhone will be released and many of us will stand in line AGAIN to buy it, even though all we’ll mainly be getting is improved battery life, and a device we have to buy new accessories for…and the iPhone 3.0 software that we could already get on our old iPhones.

So there you have it! Apple’s next 12 months in one post! Let the flaming begin!

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5 thoughts on “Predictions for Apple’s Sept. Special Event, Macworld 2009, and Summer 2009

  1. I agree with everything except for the glass trackpad in the MacBook Pro. Everyone wants it but I don’t expect it because it doesn’t seem logical. A glass trackpad would only work if there was a display under it (otherwise it would feel to weird on you fingers compared to a traditional trackpad) but, I don’t expect them to put a display under it because of battery life (which is only 2 hours with the MacBook Pro).

  2. I completely agree with all those predictions.

    I think a lot of the “predictions” we see are not predictions, but in fact, wishes.

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