Apple releases Chess, Backgammon, and “Battleship” clone for iPod

In addition to new iPhone and iPod Touch models, Apple today released three new games for the 6th generation iPod and 3rd generation iPod nano. The new games include Chess and Backgammon, which come in one package, and then a “Battleship” clone game entitled “Naval Battle”. The Naval Battle game plays just like Battleship, but […]

Apple ads Pink iPod Nano just in time for Valentine’s Day

Apple today announced the release of the latest color option for the 3rd generation iPod Nano. Pink joins the light blue, mint green, black, silver, and (product) red as color options for the latest version of Apple’s smallest video player ever. They are available at Apple’s online store right now, and will be at retail […]

Jobs speaks frankly about the Zune being a “worthy alternative” to the iPod

Recently Microsoft’s Robbie Bach made a statement that the Microsoft Zune was a “worthy alternative” to the iPod. When Steve Jobs was asked about his thoughts on this statement at Macworld this week during a post-Air announcement interview his response was, while slightly harsh, funny as all hell. “Was he inebriated?” Jobs asked CNBC reporter […]

Warners announces DRM free MP3s…only from Amazon

Amazon is making some serious headway in creating a true rival for the iTunes Music store. In a lot of ways the Amazon store is superior to the iTunes store as it stands today. Some some tracks are cheaper than their iTunes counterparts, and and now Amazon has a much wider selection of DRM free […]

Hudson releases Bomberman for the iPod line

Well, if Sonic and Peggle didn’t do it for you, there was another iPod game released late yesterday – Bomberman from Hudson Software. Bomberman is one of my favorite franchises of all time – even though some of the games have strayed pretty far from the path of the original formula. This game is actually […]

New iPod Games – Sonic the Hedgehog and Peggle

Sega today released a port of the original Sega Genisis classic, Sonic the Hedgehog for 5th Gen iPods, iPod Classics and 3rd Gen iPod Nanos. While this is probably the 70th release of this game (it is available on just about every mobile platform you can imagine, plus most consoles, on Gametap, and more), it […]