Patent Filing: iPod/iPhone Nano w/ “Touch Surface” On Back


Apple’s newest iPod related Paten filing reveals a concept for an iPod with a full screen complete with “no touchie” surface.  The touch area of the device would actually be the BACK of the iPod/iPhone/iWhatever.  You can see from the illustration above how it would work.

Remember, though, these Patent filings don’t often reveal the future.  Sometimes it’s just a concept that Apple has come up with that they want to make sure no one else can use.

I’m not real sure that this thing would be all that practical, but it would certainly allow for a smaller iPod/iPhone/iWhatever to utilize more screen space.  Thanks to Gizmodo for the info.

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. This seems retarded imo. Unless they had some sort of good lock on the touch surface as I’d be holding my iPod/iPhone in my hand obviously with the back in my palm. Neat idea, but it doesn’t seem practical imo.