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Widget Watch: Tumblet

You may, or may not, have heard of – it’s an even more compact kind of blog, called a tumblelog. It’s almost more like a collection of random thoughts, pics, and links for the most part…but it’s a lot of fun. It pre-dates Twitter, but kind of seems like a Twitter/Blog/ hybrid sort of…

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Software Spotlight: Art Rage 2

Art Rage is an amazing piece of software that is available for both Windows and Macs. With Art Rageyou can paint with oils, sketch with pencils, sprinkle glitter, and more. You can paint with gold leaf, silver foil, and other metallic colors. You can even load in your photos as Tracing Images to help you…

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Vista DOES NOT support Zune

From the “You have got to be effin’ kiddin’ me” department comes this report from Apple Insider – including screenshot proof – that Vista currently does not support Zune. Now, Vista isn’t out yet, so it shouldn’t matter, right? Well…there are Vista Beta users all over the place that (if they bought a Zune today)…

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