Why You Should Be Outraged by iPad Subscription Model

A few months back, Apple unveiled its subscription service for content distribution on the iPad. The model first used by The Daily news app is now available to all app content makers, such as magazines, newspapers, and even video and music. Anything that’s published can be delivered automatically to your iPad without the need for […]

Free Apps of the Day

The iTunes App Store may appear sleek and serene, but under the hood, there’s all kinds of bustling activity. The casual user might never know, for example, that everyday there are dozens of apps that are discounted deeply or even made free by their creators. App developers love to run special promotions where they mark […]

The Deal With iPhone Tracking

News yesterday made rounds that iPhones have been storing location data and when extracted can give a near precise reading of where you’ve been since installing the iOS 4.0 update. Users and even a senator are raising concern about the issue. The tracking data uses cell tower triangulation over GPS so the information collected by […]