Helpful Car Insurance Apps for iOS

Car insurance is a requirement for owning and driving a car. But what kind of car insurance should you get? This may sound like a question that a new driver will ask but the truth is, even experienced drivers can sometimes get confused about the subject of car insurance policies. What car insurance product would be perfect for the driver’s need and requirements?

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue. Various apps have been developed that help people in making a more educated assessment of their car insurance needs. These apps provide accurate information about insurance products and can even make the necessary recommendations on what insurance products to get.

Below are some of the more popular car insurance apps for the iOS:


This app was launched by the Nationwide Insurance in 2009. This extremely useful app has a number of helpful features that car buyers and Nationwide clients can use to their advantage. It’s very easy to use. All you need to do is enter your vehicle’s VIN and you can automatically get an AutoCheck vehicle history score provided by Experian Automotive. Of course, you can get free insurance quotes for your car provided by Nationwide Insurance.

State Farm Clear

State Farm is one of the most recognizable insurance companies in the US and the company has released an iPhone app to help its clients and prospective customers. This app has a very cool concept. It is designed for young and beginner drivers up to the age of 25. The app will provide different driving related assignments and challenges that the user must answer. These challenges remind the drivers about driving safety and regulations. After completing all of the assignments the user will be eligible to get discounts on auto insurance.

Hartford Mobile

Another insurer that has released its own iOS app is Hartford Financial Services Group. Their app, called Hartford Mobile, provides users with a number of helpful service like an accident checklist, a claims assistance, and a creatively done Emergency Kit checklist. The app also provides information on automotive repair shops, accident history, and replacement vehicle data, among others.

Geico Glove Box

Geico Auto Insurance has also developed its own insurance app called the Geico Glove Box that benefits a lot of Geico customers. Among the services the app offers are ready access to the client’s account, and a claims assistance service. Geico has also included a wealth of information on roadside safety.


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