How to Sell Your iPhone on eBay for More Money

For many, the safest and easiest way to sell their old iPhone is to go to the trusted sites which buy electronics for cash. And, boy, those sites are probably enjoying business these days as the release of the new iPhone comes ever nearer. If you’re planning on getting the new iPhone as soon as […]

iPhone competitor

Apple’s Biggest iPhone Competitor: Boredom

Apple is the most successful company in the world, and by most accounts, Apple is producing the best iPhones in the history of the company, but there’s always a looming competitor’s threat hanging over its head: Android. At the end of the second quarter of 2015, Apple held 44.1 percent of the smartphone market in […]

iPhone product line

Is Apple’s iPhone Product Line Too Varied?

Over the years, Apple has steadily increased the size of its product line. With several of the company’s devices running the same software and fulfilling virtually the same function, is it time for Apple to reevaluate its product line? Specifically, is Apple’s iPhone product line too varied? Since its founding, Apple has always been synonymous […]