2012 Gift Guide: Handmade Apple Gifts from Etsy

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I have plumbed the depths of Etsy to put together our first Christmas gift guide, featuring the most unique, most interesting one-of-a-kind gifts for the Apple lover in your life, all made by hand.

It’s worth noting that when I said “one-of-a-kind” above, I really meant it. For most of these products, the seller has only one in stock. This is because these items are so unique, making multiples of them ranges from difficult to impossible. So if you see something you like — or want to give as a gift — act fast!

Olive Root Docking Station
Handmade from a rock-like olive root, this truly unique iPhone/iPod stand doubles as a charging station.
Price: €65 (about $85)

iMac G4 Coasters
Recycled from real iMac G4 casings, this set of four coasters have cork bottoms and measure about four inches in diameter.
Price: $15

OS X Shortcuts Poster
Here’s an art print that’s both eye-catching and useful. It defaults to 8″ x 10″ but is available to be customized in other sizes. All purchases are made-to-order.
Price: $20

iPod Boy Ornament
Now here’s a Christmas ornament that’s seriously old fashioned. It’s actually made entirely by hand from bread dough. They’re available to be customized as a boy or a girl, with brown or blonde hair.
Price: $15.95

Beach Ball Necklace
I bet you never thought you’d see the infamous Apple “spinning beach ball” hanging around someone’s neck on a chain, did you?
Price: $12

Monogrammed iPhone Charger Decal
If money is a concern, here’s a nifty gift idea that most definitely won’t break the bank. What better way to keep from getting all those Apple plugs and cords confused, than by applying a decal to the plug? Add the recipient’s initials to give it a personal touch.
Price: $3

iMonster iPad Case
Have you ever wanted to wrap your iPad in genuine Muppet skin? Here’s your chance.
Price: $38

Earbud Earrings
Your eyes are not deceiving you. These really are Earbuds turned into earrings. Come on, that’s pretty cool. You never have to wonder which one goes in which ear ever again!
Price: $26

iPhone 5 Wooden Case
Okay, it’s not really wood. But it sure looks real, don’t you think? It’s a peel-and-stick application that’s made to look and feel like wood. Available in three finishes, it’s guaranteed to turn heads.
Price: $12

Apple Logo Keychain
Exactly what it sounds like, only it glows in the dark, too.
Price: $14.50

App Icon Charm Bracelet
A “silvertone” bracelet with plastic charms made to look like they jumped off your iPhone and onto your wrist. Along with several standard Apple apps, it’s also got Twitter and Angry Birds.
Price: $16

Retro TV iPad Stand
Who needs an iTV? Unashamedly the priciest item on this list, the craftsmanship looks like it’s more than worth it. It’s thin, it has a speaker slot to channel your iPad’s sound out its front, and it can be hooked up to work as a charger. A very cool way to turn your iPad into a TV-like viewing screen.
Price: $99

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