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HomePod Stand Deals: What Are The Best Stands For HomePod?

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Are you looking to give your HomePod a new life?
The HomePod is one of the most well-designed products made by Apple.
It is simple, elegant, yet stylish and appealing. Sadly, it is a little bland. Well, worry not; we’re here to help.
A new HomePod Stand might be all you need to make your HomePod look amazing. And we’ve made a list of the best deals on Amazon

So, without wasting any time, let’s get right to it!

Best HomePod Stands on Amazon

  • Yaslayp HomePod Stand for 2nd Generation 

Apple HomePod Stands two metal pools

First on our list are the HomePod 2nd Speaker Stands. These stands combine style and functionality to enhance your listening experience and complement your home’s decor.

  • Custom-designed for HomePod 2nd Gen: Floor-mounted stands for seamless installation.
  • Durable Material: High-quality construction enhances stability and safety.
  • Cable Management: Cable holes hide wires, ensuring a clean look.
  • Stylish Finish: Available in white or black with a high-temperature, non-peel spray paint.
  • Simple Setup: Includes all hardware and clear instructions for easy installation.
  • Includes: Two HomePod 2nd Speaker Floor Stands per package.
  • Customer Support: The Yaslayp support team is there every step of the way.

Therefore, on one hand this stylish accessory is perfect for any modern home or theater system. On the other hand it combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality.

Read more about the HomePod 2nd generation.

  • elago HomePod Stand White

Apple HomePod silicon Stand

The elago holder is a minimalist and practical accessory designed to enhance the stability and performance of your Apple HomePod, whether it’s a first- or second-generation model. Available in sleek white or classic black, this stand offers a blend of style, function, and quality.

  • Color Options: Available in White or Black
  • Material: Made from premium, non-toxic silicone
  • Compatibility: Fits both Apple HomePod 1st and 2nd generation
  • Design: A simple, non-slip design prevents the speaker from moving
  • Easy Installation: Horizontally place your speaker for optimal interface visibility
  • Sound Quality: Does not interfere with sound or microphone technology; allows for proper EQ and acoustics adjustment
  • Controller Type: Supports voice control functionality

The HomePod holder is not just a stand; it’s an enhancement for your speaker’s functionality and your home’s aesthetics. Moreover, perfect for any setting, it ensures your HomePod looks as good as it sounds without any compromise.

  • Atlantic Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Black tall Stands with Carbon Fiber base

Third on our list is the Atlantic Bookshelf Speaker Stand, meticulously designed to elevate your home audio experience. 

These stands are crafted from durable metal, providing a robust foundation for your bookshelf speakers. Finished in a sleek black color, they blend seamlessly into any home entertainment setup.

  • Material: Sturdy all-steel construction
  • Dimensions: 10.5″L x 10.5″W x 30″H
  • Weight Capacity: Supports speakers up to 20 lbs.
  • Design: Directionally adjustable mounting plates for optimal sound, can be set straight or at a 45-degree angle
  • Wire Management: Hollow center poles hide and protect speaker cables
  • Durability: Heavy-duty build ensures long-term stability and safety
  • Easy Assembly: Quick setup with non-marring feet to protect surfaces
  • Customer Support: Local support team based in California for assistance

Therefore, the Atlantic Bookshelf Speaker holder are not only practical but also versatile, making them an essential addition to your home theater system. They offer both functionality and a touch of elegance to enhance your listening experience.

  • ALLICAVER HomePod Wall Mount 

Apple HomePod wall mount stand

Fourth on our list is the ALLICAVER HomePod Wall Mount, an essential accessory crafted from heavy gauge metal to securely hang your Apple HomePod smart speaker on the wall.

Moreover, read our Buyers Guide on the HomePod here!

This mount is specially designed to optimize your speaker’s functionality while saving space and protecting it from potential mishaps.

  • Color: Clean white finish
  • Mounting Type: Wall mount for a secure fit
  • Material: Durable alloy steel and metal, scratch-resistant
  • Design Benefits: Frees up table space and prevents your Apple HomePod from being bumped by pets or children
  • Optimal Sound: Attach your speaker to avoid obstructions that can block sound and signal dispersion
  • Ideal Use: Perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, or any area where you might want to summon Siri or enjoy music
  • Easy Installation: Includes 3 screws and 3 drywall anchors, ensuring a straightforward setup process
  • Safety Features: Sturdy construction with no sharp edges

Therefore, the ALLICAVER HomePod Wall Mount is not just about mounting your speaker. Meaning, it enhances your overall experience. Furthermore, this is done by integrating seamlessly into any room, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional advantages.

Counlisha Real Wood HomePod Stand 2nd gen

Apple HomePod Stand made form real wood

The final product on our list is the Counlisha Real Wood Stand for Apple Homepod 2nd gen, a beautifully crafted accessory that combines natural aesthetics with functionality. 

Moreover, this stand is designed specifically for the 2023 release of the Apple Homepod 2nd generation smart speaker, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced stability.

  • Material: Made from North American black walnut
  • Color: Rich black walnut finish
  • Compatibility: Custom-fit for Apple Homepod 2nd gen
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Simple, stylish design that complements any decor. Ideal for office, home, or garden settings.
  • Installation: Easy setup with included accessories.
  • EQ Guide: The product comes with a guide on how to properly EQ.

The Counlisha stand not only enhances the look of your Homepod 2nd gen but also optimizes its sound performance. Therefore, meaning it’s a versatile and elegant addition to any space.


There you have it, our list of the best Apple HomePod Stands on the market. We made this list as a combination of good reviews, price, quality, and trustworthiness for the providers.

Therefore, we hope you’ve found this article helpful and that we’ve led you to the right HomePod holder for your living room!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of HomePod stands are discussed in the article?

The article reviews stands that enhance your room’s music experience, including the HomePod 2nd Speaker Stand, the elago Stand, and the Atlantic Bookshelf Speaker Stand.

Does my HomePod Stand have to be for a specific generation?

No, the Elago Stand perfectly holds both the first and second-generation HomePods. Moreover, therefore, the HomePod 2nd Speaker Stands are specifically designed to match the second generation.

What materials is the HomePod stand made from?

The HomePod 2nd Speaker Stands are constructed using high-quality materials and a finish that does not peel over time. Moreover, The Elago holder uses non-toxic silicone, perfect for safe contact, and the Atlantic Stands are made from sturdy steel.

Do these HomePod stands feature any cable management solutions?

Absolutely, the HomePod 2nd Speaker Stands and Atlantic Bookshelf Speaker Stands incorporate a design to neatly hide and protect speaker cables, therefore, enhancing the room’s aesthetics.


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