A close-up of a black computer mouse with a red "X" on its surface, positioned on a desk next to a laptop, a keyboard, a pen, and a sticky note with a sad face.

Apple Magic Mouse Not Working: How to Fix

  Is your Apple Magic Mouse not working properly? Whether the mouse cursor is unresponsive or the Bluetooth icon is missing, troubleshooting your Magic Mouse can be frustrating.  This sleek, wireless mouse from Apple is designed for seamless performance, but even the best technology can encounter issues.  In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through simple…

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A close-up of an iPhone 15 Pro overheating, with smoke rising from the screen displaying a red-hot warning and distorted visuals.

How to Fix an iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issues

  The newest addition to the Apple iPhone is almost the perfect device. While the newest device shines in many ways, many users have noticed iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues! In this article, we look into the common causes of this issue, share firsthand experiences from users, and offer practical solutions to help you manage…

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