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how to pair apple watch to new phone

How to Pair Apple Watch to a New iPhone

Apple Watch has become one of the best-selling devices of Apple to date. And who can blame people from getting one? Not only does Apple Watch’s design look sleek, but it’s also packed with tons of features that you can use every day. If you’ve just purchased an Apple Watch, the first thing that you…

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apple watch random vibration

Why Does My Apple Watch Vibrate Randomly?

Not a lot of people may have experienced this but, certainly, some of you have. Those random vibrations that your Apple Watch emits so suddenly, what are those? It’s not unusual for the Apple Watch to vibrate with no new notifications or any apparent reason at all. Some people call them “ghost vibration” or “phantom…

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apple watch travel apps

8 Hot Apple Watch Apps to Cool Travel Planning

This post was written by Natalie Akers, a freelance writer and reader out of Cincinnati, OH; aspiring cartographer and organizational whiz with a deep appreciation for dirt and design. It’s summer again and we’re all ready to cash in our vacation days to relax. Unfortunately, planning the escape and getting there aren’t so carefree. While there…

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How Do I Find My Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is not just a useful device that you can use everyday. It also looks sleek and goes well with almost any outfit. However, most people take it off at the end of the day when they get home. It’s quite easy to misplace if you’re not that organized with your things. If…

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