Guy Buys Apple Watch on eBay; You Know What Happens Next

apple watch ebay

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Why would anyone in his right mind buy an Apple Watch on eBay? I suppose if you don’t want to pay full price for a new one is a decent reason.

Well, this guy certainly wasn’t exactly thinking straight when he bought an Apple Watch on eBay and paid full price for it.Based on a Reddit thread that, naturally, got tons of eyeballs, a “friend” bought a $600 Apple Watch on eBay, which is more than he needs to buy a Watch Sport, which we all know looks like this.

apple watch ebay

The “friend” was in for a surprise, though (duh), as he got a super duper limited edition of the Apple Watch.

apple watch ebay

Or i watch or I-PHONE WATCH, as the label says.

I would like to say that there are no words to describe this guy, but Redditors, of course, have LOTS.

apple watch ebay

Moron indeed. That, or he just wants to throw away $600 and get on Reddit.

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