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The Best Apple Watch Chargers to Get

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There’s that kind of excitement you get once you open the box and see that Apple Watch staring right back at you. You want to turn it on right away, wrap it around your wrist, and check out all the features that you’re now able to enjoy. That box also comes with a charger that, although gets the job done, might just not always be the best option for you.

While Apple already offers its own Apple Watch portable charger, there are definitely other options out there that you might want to check out. They’re alternatives that may offer more of what you’re looking for aside from charging your Apple Watch. Here are some of the best Apple Watch chargers to get today.

Ugreen Wireless Portable Charger

apple watch chargers

Portability is always an issue these days. This also applies to Apple Watch chargers. Instead of just using the charger that came in the box, why not get one that is cordless? A great option for this is the Ugreen Wireless Portable Charger. You can directly plug this charger into the wall socket or a power bank without the need for any cables.

Thanks to this wireless Apple Watch charger, you can charge your Apple Watch anytime, anywhere. It’s a great charger for when you’re traveling. You can simply pull it out of your bag without having to detangle a cable mess. In addition, this portable charger also charges your Apple Watch much faster than regular third-party chargers.

Twelve South HiRise Stand

apple watch charger

If you want an Apple Watch charger that has a stand, you can check out Twelve South HiRise Stand. This Apple Watch charging dock looks basic but it’s actually quite sturdy and provides good support for your expensive watch. Its size also won’t take up that much space anywhere you place it. Furthermore, it is able to provide the ideal position for your Apple Watch in Nightstand Mode.

Oittm Charging Stand For Apple Watch

Another charging stand worth looking into is the Oittm Charging Stand for Apple Watch. At a glance, this Apple Watch charger looks sleek and quite futuristic. You’ll quickly realize that it’s also convenient and functional once you start using this charger.

For one, it features three USB ports. This means that you can use this to charge not just your Apple Watch but your other devices as well. You can keep your cables and adapters at its base. It’s a great multi-functional charger to have if you like charging all your devices all in one place. You can keep it either at your nightstand or in the living room where everyone will have access to its features.

Twelve South TimePorter

Most people prioritize convenience when it comes to choosing an Apple Watch charger for travel. However, it is not only portability that is important when you’re charging your Apple Watch while on the road. You should also make sure that your Apple Watch doesn’t get any scratches while it’s charging inside your bag.

This is where the Twelve South TimePorter comes in. It’s designed with a built-in magnetic charging disk and power adaptor. Not only is it convenient, but it’s also highly functional. This Apple Watch charger also features extra space for storing your Apple charging cube. You can also keep cables in there as well as an extra Apple Watch band, in case you wish to change up your style later on.

Belkin Powerhouse Charge Dock

If you’re looking for an Apple Watch charger that has a dock, a great option would be the Belkin Powerhouse Charge Dock. To be honest, it comes with a considerably steep price tag but a lot of people swear by its value and worth. It’s a two-in-one stand where you can charge both your phone and your watch without having to take it out of the case. It’s a great Apple Watch charger if you have the extra cash to splurge.

OLEBR Aluminum Apple Watch Charger

Last but certainly not least is the OLEBR Aluminum Apple Watch Charger. It is probably the ultimate Apple Watch charger out there. It can charge not just your Apple Watch but also your iPhone as well as your AirPods. That’s right – it can charge your AirPods, too! It also comes in four colors so you can get one that fits the aesthetic you’re going for.

You can also adjust its nightstand dock so you can still watch on your phone while doing something else. It’s easy to assemble and it comes with a silicone tray that prevents your charging from slipping. In addition, this Apple Watch charger supports all generations of Apple Watch so any Apple Watch owner can use this. It’s certainly one of the best chargers you can get for your Apple Watch.


These are only some of the best Apple Watch chargers that you can get online. Buy them now and have them delivered right at your doorstep. With these Apple Watch chargers, you truly get value out of your money. Get them today and enjoy your Apple Watch features to the fullest.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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