Apple Seeks to Have Eight Samsung Products Pulled Out From The Market

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After winning its patent infringement case versus Samsung and netting $1.05 billion in damages, Apple looks like it’s going for the kill. The company has recently submitted a list to the court of Samsung made products that it contends should be withdrawn from the market.

The Samsung products included in that list are the Galaxy S2 (AT&T, T-Mobile, Skyrocket, Epic 4g) Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Galaxy Prevail and the Droid Charge. About 28 different Samsung products were identified to have infringed on Apple’s patents but majority of them are fairly old models and are now hard to find or even on sale. The eight products identified by Apple are still in the market and this is what Apple hopes to block.

Apple’s efforts to remove these products from sale will be a new challenge since its team of lawyers must go through a four-part test that will be used to prove that there was “injury” caused to Apple because of the sale of these products. The lawyers will also try to prove that the $1.05 billion in damages that was awarded to Apple is still not enough compensation and that removing these products should be the next step. The team also has to show that banning these products will not affect the public interest.

This is definitely bad news for Samsung, which is already reeling from the previous court ruling. It has already suffered its biggest stock price drop in four years so Apple’s new move can potentially hurt the company even more.

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