BigBanana.TV makes Tempe Video releases available for AppleTV, iPod, and iPhone

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dawn_3d_box.jpgSometimes I get surprising press releases in my inbox. Last night was one of those surprises. Big Banana, for those of you that don’t know, is a distributor of online movies and video. Like most online indy companies, Big Banana started with public domain classics that you could download to your Apple device of choice.

They have since expanded, and today have announced a partnership with Tempe Video, a studio that produces and acquires micro-budget horror films. The press releases mentions 3 movies in particular…Dawn, Eddie Presley and Skinned Alive. Now, those of you that have visited my personal blog might recognize that first one.

I was in “Dawn”. I even served as the Director of Photography for the majority of the “flashback scene” in the film.

“Dawn” was conceived by my friend Jay Reel, and stars another long time friend, Ray Boucher. The story is about a father and daughter who are basically living on the run because of the little girls “problem”. She’s a vampire.

The story is actually very thought provoking, and much deeper and more layered than a typical micro-budget horror film. In fact, I don’t think “horror” is the right genre for it. Dawn is a family drama…that has a few horror elements to it.

I played a very small role in the film as a very fat police officer. If you can get past the sometimes terrible performances of the “actors” like myself in the smaller roles, I think you’ll find an interesting and entertaining micro-budget flick.

You can check out the Trailer here. (I am the first fat cop with the stupid look on his face)

and you can download it from Big Banana right here.

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